Register interest in supporting the development of a How To Guide on communication and community engagement
The CDAC Network periodically produces resources such as the recent practitioner guide Rumour has it or policy paper on the Role of Collective Platforms, Services and Tools to support Communication and Community Engagement (see

We are currently producing a How To Guide on communication and community engagement
which will be an ‘A to Z’ for organisations on how to have communication and community engagement at the heart of their humanitarian preparedness and response. Read more about the scope of the guide here.

As with any Network product, there are various ways in which you can get involved.
Use this form to register your interest and be kept informed.
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Being a resource person: I can support on the content creation and/or writing of chapters as I have specific expertise that I can share, e.g. on participation approaches or common service platforms.
Peer reviewer: I am experienced in communication and community engagement and can provide an expert review for a chapter or for the full guide.
Tester: I'm less experienced or new to the field of communication and community engagement but can provide feedback from the point of view of someone who the guide is aimed at.

Please share a bit more about why you are interested in supporting the guide and your specific skills for the role you have selected above. *

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Thanks for your interest - we'll be in touch as the development of the guide progresses.  Depending on which role you have selected this may take several weeks or months.  In the meantime, should you have any questions you can contact
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